Corani 5 successful operation, Bolivia, 15 MW

The project commissioning in summer last year and after the test period the project is successfully operated well achieving the nominal power 15 MW.

This power plant we took over in January 2017 in huge delay, basically in zero progress. We completely designed and constructed the new plant in spite of complicated local market, where subcontractors never fulfil the contract and suppliers never supply what they obliged to. However, good partners are everywhere, and the project was completed without significant contractual delay.

Corani 5 is located in extra beautiful landscape taking water from large mountainous lake Corani in altitude 3 200 m a.s.l. The water is taken by tunnel and supplied by steel penstock designed to extreme pressure 1000 m of water column (rated gross head is 650 m). This is the first one of power plants cascade down to Amazonia, the next Santa Isabel and San José are finished too, the others are being planned, generally each plant use 600 – 700 m of gross head.

This is the perfect job done by Bolivians, the lake Corani provide the cascade with absolutely clear water (no sand, no sediments) during dry season as well as in rainy season and the cascade is permanent source of energy exceeding 200 MW.

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