The hydropower market offers many different opportunities in both European countries and other world regions. As we operate in the Czech Republic, European Union, Latin America and Asia, we find that a funding solution can be found for any project.

Are you in need of investment for your project?

We believe most projects can find a financial solution. After studying your project we will offer you an appropriate funding method which could come from either private capital or bank funding.

Are you an investor looking for an opportunity within a project?

The hydropower market is a living organism, operating in a different way in each world region. The projects on offer are ever-changing, meaning any type of investor will eventually find something suited to them.

The project funding process is a complicated procedure. Firstly a finalised business plan, detailed budget costing, estimated profit generation and financial modelling need to be provided. Based on these documents a funder is then selected from either the banking sector or private capital.

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