A hydropower plant is a functioning machine and as such is prone to occasional operational issues. In cases where plant output is not performing as desired, out technicians and engineers are available to perform on-site troubleshooting. Sometimes simply changing a small detail can fix the problem.

Problems involving permitting or funding can also be solved with only minor adjustments by our experienced design team.

Example of a specific analytical solution, performed as part of the Sebzor project in Tajikistan.

The power plant was designed with 3 Francis turbines and an 8 km long penstock. However, Critical water hammer occurs in this scheme due to the short emergency shut-off time. Additionally, construction of a  surge tank was not an option due to the hard terrain conditions. Our analysis helped to devise a solution without the need for a surge tank, leading to several possible alternatives such as a turbine flywheel or synchronous bypass valve.

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