Pump Storage Power Plants

One of the best ways to store energy.

The world is looking for more ways to store energy, and one of the best is to pump the water up a hill, then whenever you need energy you simply open the turbine. When compared to actual batteries, the initial investment cost is approximately the same, but the lifetime of a battery is 5,000 cycles and then it’s gone. Based on a daily cycle, that equates to a maximum of 13 years for your average battery, while the life expectancy of a pump storage power plant is 50 years or more.

Pump-storage power plants can also be combined with, for example, solar plants, meaning that energy generated during the day can be partly stored in pump storage to be used up in the mornings and evenings, during power consumption peaks. Maintenance requires only a minor regular cost (to cover items such as reservoir sealing repairs, technology lubricating etc.). In addition, plants such as this can be used for grid stabilization.

Stream can provide all of our listed services for this kind of plant and has already begun working towards one such example in Ecuador.

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